Here you will find information on what are packages, how to purchase and onboard Powerpacks, how monthly and custom packages work.

What is a JO package?

A JO package is a set of deliverables that can be purchased and assigned to you based on the employer or the JO sales team determining your skill set matches the requirements of the package. A package can either be a number of clearly defined deliverables or up to a number of hours for completion by you as the worker.

How do I work on a package?

The employer will visit the JO pricing page, match the deliverables against your their requirements, and then Add to cart and purchase. The employer or JO sales team will then onboard the package and assign to you via the employer's Dashboard. You will then receive this email notification which says:

Hi {Worker Name},

{Employer name} has just assigned you to a job:

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Make sure you log into your JO Dashboard to track your deliverables, collect and upload assets and manage your project.

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What do I do if I don't know what package to choose to match my requirements?

If you receive an assignment to a project you are unable to work, please forward the email to our support desk: and advise you are not able to work on this package and JO will reassign to another worker.

How can I calculate the pricing for packages if as a worker I want to purchase packages myself?

You can download our free package pricing calculator excel spreadsheet: coming soon.

Watch: How to use package pricing excel spreadsheet video: HERE.

What briefing information should I expect in the onboarding phase?
  • Inside the dashboard, the employer will give a name to the package.
  • To access the onboarding information from the employer, click into the package name which will be a blue hyperlink inside your worker dashboard.
  • Look inside of the area’s inside of the package description:
    • Onboarding Questions - Click OPEN QUESTIONNAIRE
    • Project Description - Click EDIT DESCRIPTION
    • Added briefing attachments or URL links (EG: Dropbox or Google Drive) added by your employer.
Can I edit any of the sections inside of the package once it is assigned to me?

Yes. JO recommends you add notes to the project description throughout the project, and add assets for the work you are producing for the employer.

Can I delete any of the sections inside of the package once it is assigned to me?

You are able to remove text from the project description box, but you are not able to delete uploaded assets.

Why does it still say ‘Action Required’ inside my package dashboard view?

The four package onboarding steps have not been completed in full by the employer.

If the package is not 100% onboarded, does this stop me from working on the package, making edits to the project description or adding assets? 

No, you will still be able to complete these functions, however, you will not be able to request payment if the package has not been onboarded 100%. Finally, assign the project to a worker by clicking into the cell assign worker. Enter the worker's name or email address and click - ASSIGN WORKER. The worker will receive an automatic email notification.