The JO package status is designed to provide clarity for our employers (those hiring) and workers (those completing work). As a package is purchased either directly via credit card or via electronic funds transfer (EFT) for larger order sizes, the status will change automatically according to the stage of the project.

The following is a description of each package status and what actions are permitted and not permitted on the platform:

The first status seen in the dashboard immediately after an employer purchases a package. The package at this stage has not been onboarded by completing the four-step onboarding process.
The employer has paid by electronic funds transfer (EFT) and the funds have not been verified as cleared by the JO finance manager. Once the funds are verified and reconciled, the platform will automatically go to LIVE status.
The employers packages are paid and are billing normally.

The employers packages have been successfully completed and the payment automation and

review process for the worker has concluded, whether a review was opted to be given, or not.


The employers packages have been placed on hold by JO administration for any of the following reasons:

  1. There is a delay in onboarding due to circumstances deemed reasonable by JO management.
  2. A request to pause the package has been made with 30 days notice to JO, and the reasoning is deemed fair and valid.
  3. A replacement worker has been requested by the employer and approved by JO management. The package has been placed on hold until the change over takes place.

Note: Any pause approval requests are at the sole discretion of JO management.


The employers packages are not active due to the JO administrators suspending this package, employer or worker for either non-payment or non-compliance due to a breach of the JO terms and conditions.


The cancelled status is where a package has been sitting in either PENDING PAYMENT for more than 60 days or has been changed from SUSPENDED to CANCELLED at the conclusion of the JO administrators review.

The following table outlines the JO platforms functionality for each package status for employers: