Please follow process below to release of your package payment from an employer:

  1. Log into your package from your main dashboard:

  2. Provide project comments, and upload your work to the attachments section (if relevant) by clicking Add Asset. Your employer can now review the work to ensure it has be completed in full.

  3. Ensure all of your deliverable's are completed for your employer to review and click Release Payment:

  4. A pop up window will ask you to give a final declaration that your work is completed:

  5. If you have not entered your bank account details when you first on-boarded your worker account, you will be reminded to go back into the account setting section and enter them now:

  6. The Release Payment button will now change from Green to Payment Release Requested:

  7. An automatic notification will be sent to your employers email address to notify them of your payment release request:

  8. When your package deliverable's are completed the worker will send you a payment release request notification to the email you log into JO with:

  9. The employer can now click the Payment Release Accepted button which will return the employer directly to the package inside of the dashboard to approve your payment release request. See example of what your employer see's in their dashboard view below:

  10. Once the employer has completed the payment approval request, the package status will change from Live to Completed and you can give the employer a review:

  11. Now you can review employer. Please note that the employer can also review you as a worker at this stage.

  12. Congratulations you have now successfully completed the package for the employer.
  13. The JO platform handles all invoicing for you as a worker by creating an recipient created tax invoice for you (RCTI). In simple terms this is an automated platform generated worker invoice from you to the JO finance department with all the correct information the JO accounts team need to successfully release payment to you. To download your RCTI, return to the main dashboard and click on Orders:

  14. The RCTI will have all the information needed. In your relevant account software (EG: Xero), this invoice can be added as normal sales income:

    Note: Its very important to ensure when you on-board your new worker account or afterwards, you ensure your account settings are fully up to date, as the RCTI will populate your RCTI invoice directly from the account settings page.