Once a package is on-boarded and in a Live status, the next step is to complete your package deliverable's. Please follow process below:

  1. Click into the Live package from the main dashboard:

  2. Next click Edit in any of the deliverable's:

  3. A pop up window will allow the worker to select the stage the deliverable is up to and add notes (comments) for the employer to view and then click Save. A guide for each deliverable stage is as follows:

    The worker has started working on the deliverable however has not completed in full.
    The worker has completed the deliverable in full.
    The worker has not completed the deliverable in full (workers are recommended to leave notes with an explanation why).
    Not Applicable:
    There is either not enough time within the allocation of hours, or for project based packages the worker has deemed the deliverable was not required to be completed or is not relevant (workers are recommended to leave notes with an explanation why).

  4. The deliverable's are now updated for the employer to see. When all deliverable's have been completed, the release payment button will change from grey to green, and the worker can press this to request payment release from the employer: