Here you will find information on what are packages, how to purchase and onboard Powerpacks, how monthly and custom packages work.

What is a JO package?

A JO package is a set of deliverables that can be purchased and assigned to a worker whose skill set matches that of the package. A package can either be a number of clearly defined deliverables, or up to a number of hours for completion by the worker.

How do I purchase a package?
To purchase a package visit our pricing page, match the deliverables against your requirements, and then ‘add to cart’ and purchase. After payment has been processed, a success screen will appear with an automated PDF invoice generated. You can now click the ‘Dashboard’ link in the top menu navigation to begin the onboarding process.
What do I do if I don't know what package to choose to match my requirements?
You can hire a digital marketing strategist first who will assist you in selecting the appropriate packages.
How can I calculate the pricing for multiple packages myself?
  • You can download our free package pricing calculator excel spreadsheet: coming soon.
  • Watch: How to use package pricing excel spreadsheet video: HERE.
How do I onboard a package?
  1. Inside of the dashboard give the package a title where the box says ‘No title set for this project’.
  2. Click into the package name which will be a blue hyperlink
  3. Complete the 4 onboarding steps by completing steps below:
    1. Onboarding Questions - Click OPEN QUESTIONNAIRE.
    2. Project Description - Click EDIT DESCRIPTION
    3. Add briefing attachments or URL links (EG: Dropbox or Google Drive) for your worker - Click - ADD ASSET.
The onboarding progress bar will now disappear.

Finally assign the project to a worker by clicking into the cell assign worker. Enter the workers name or email address and click - ASSIGN WORKER. The worker will receive an automatic email notification.