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How To Use The Dashboard

  • After you have completed your on boarding, you will arrive at the dashboard:

  • You can return to main dashboard:

  • Or return to JO home page:

  • You can personalise navigation with side bar:

  • Or click to view dashboard without sidebar:

  • To view pricing or to purchase a package click Add Package or Pricing:

  • After you added package(s) you can view items in shopping cart:

  • Hover over the tool tips if you are stuck:

  • To view your purchased packages click All Packages:

  • You can create a package title, see your purchased package type (small or medium/large business), package level (bronze to platinum), package status (view article: package status's), assigned worker name, package amount (AUD), start date, and end date:

  • To view your order history click ORDERS:

  • To download your tax invoices click View Transactions and Download Invoice:

  • The company name, business registration number and address details you completed in your on boarding process will be shown here:

  • Update your account setting here:

  • Update your payment settings here:

  • There are two ways to log out of the dashboard:

  • If you have any questions you can contact JO support:

  • And inside of of our contact us button:

  • Contact us via phone, email:

  • Or visit our office and reach us by snail mail here:

  • Read our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Moderation Policy:

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